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Who we are?
For clients

We are the most experienced supplier of foreign-made packaging in Russia and CIS, who allows to purchase abroad solutions in the same terms as they would get it from a Russian manufacturer. We are the ones who help Russian brands keep abreast of world’s latest packaging trends and avoid currency, lingual and customs obstacles.

For packaging manufacturers

We are the biggest distributor of cosmetic, pharmaceutic and household chemicals packaging.
We are the ones who assures proven packaging brands from worldwide a safe reach for clients in Russia and CIS.
We are a distributor with the largest marketing scope reaching over 3 000 clients  from cosmetic, veterinary, chemicals, food and pharmacy industries.
Every year we purchase over 32 000 000 pieces of packaging and closures, and have zero payment delay. We complete around 1 000 projects annually, of which one-third is for new clients, and reach over 10 000 people with our marketing communication every moth.
We are also the first supplier in Russia to offer a substantial range of eco-friendly packaging from European and Asian manufacturers.

Want to boost your sales in Russia?
Want to expand your business by exporting your products to Russia and CIS?
Contact us at info@packing.ru
Or live in: Dmitrovskoe Shosse 9a, str. 1, 127434 Moscow
tel.: +7 (495) 540-46-16
mon-thr – 10:00-18:00
friday – 10:00-17:00

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